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Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What Mothers Want

Your mom gave you the world growing up — and while you may not be able to repay her gift in kind, you can make her day with something more tactile.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Think of it as payback for all those nights she stayed up taking care of you. Homemade teas in lemon, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile will help her relax, while a dreamy sleep mask ensures that night ends when she says it does.

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Get the Dreamy Sleep Mask How-To

A Movie Night with Mom

Cuddle up with a classic film (we like anything starring Audrey Hepburn) or cheesy mother-daughter flick (“Mamma Mia!,” anyone?). Give a cozy night in theatrical cache with custom popcorn and a movie card to act as an adorable save-the-date.

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Breakfast in Bed

A classic Mother’s Day move — but for good reason. Tissue-paper posies and hand-painted china will add festive flair to eggs Benedict and fresh-squeezed OJ. See more Mother’s Day brunch ideas here.

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Get the Tissue Paper Posies How-To

A Spa Day

Sure, Mom would love a fancy weekend retreat, but we bet she’ll be just as touched by a basket of DIY home-spa goodies. Body scrub will leave her skin feeling soft and smelling sweet, while heart-shaped soaps help drive the “I love you” message home.

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Get the Homemade Body Scrub How-To

A Mini Home Makeover

An extreme home makeover might be out of the question, so how about a face-lift instead? Pressed-pansy coasters will ensure that her table is fit for entertaining, while teacup lights lend a lovely, ethereal glow.

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A Fresh Load of Laundry

She certainly did enough of yours over the years! Give her the next-best thing (plus a load or two, distance allowing) with sachets that will keep her drawers smelling as though they’re straight from the dryer.

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Memories as Good as Yours

Say it with pictures: Supplement your card with a Mother’s Day scrapbox or journal filled with meaningful photos and trinkets.

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