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Trend Alert: Home Tapestry

Popular bloggers and designers share where they’re seeing home fabric trends going!






Alan Tanksley

“I am fascinated by 20th century tapestries, especially those with a story to tell. Many interpret classic themes from a modern, often abstract, point of view. Others reflect the social or cultural movements of their times. I love this example by the French tapestry artist Jean Picart le Doux, representing the Four Seasons.”


Jessica J. Packard of Oh I Design

“Tapestries add a sense of texture, pattern, and culture to any space. Lately, I’ve seen the most beautiful ones in the design district of Solana Beach, California.”


Maxwell Ryan, Apartment Therapy

“I consider myself contemporary and modern by most measures, but I love re-interpretation. I snapped this picture in Milan last spring, I was taken by Charlotte Lancelot’s new, big, textural take on grandma-inspired, cross-stitched tapestries. Not only is the tapestry beautifully rendered, the worn away patches are just as important. It’s the reference to age in lovely soft colors that I love.”

Annabel Ly, Blushing Ambition

“I found this floral tapestry messenger bag at a popular vintage store on Ebay—it’s the perfect unique option for carrying my laptop around.”


Grant K. Gibson

“I appreciate the sense of history in tapestry. When I found this pillow on, I loved how the fragment of 18th century Aubusson tapestry was cleverly repurposed for years to come.”


Michelle Fifis, Pattern Observer

“Tapestry-inspired prints, like the one used on this vintage dishcloth, are perfect for everyday use. I found this in my mother’s closet years ago and it’s still a favorite.”


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