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Blank Wall Solutions

Nothing says “we just moved in” more than blank, un-decorated walls (and maybe boxes!). Dressing up your  room’s vertical spaces will add interest, and make your home feel more lived-in. Here are 5 simple and stylish ways to decorate blank walls.

1. Display a collection of frames.

Whether you decide to use photos, artwork, or various mementos, displaying a few pieces in matching frames is a great way to tie the collection together.

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You can create a uniform assortment of the same frame in the same size in a row or square on the wall, or you can use the same frame in multiple sizes for an equally stylish effect. Some ideas of collections to display include:

  • Family photos
  • Maps of favorite places you have visited
  • Collages
  • Words or monograms on printed backgrounds

2. Brighten your wall with a mirror.

If you don’t have a photos or artwork to hang, consider hanging a mirror on the wall. Mirrors are not only great for making a space appear larger, they can also be inexpensive. A large mirror can take up most of the available wall space, or smaller mirrors with matching, pretty frames can be arranged much like a photo arrangement.

3. Create pretty organization with a shelf.

A shelving unit against the wall can be great for organization, and for display purposes. The same concept can be used for individual shelves hung on the wall.

Source: via Homefix Corporation on Pinterest

If you need the storage space, this is a great option. If you don’t want to add a nail for every photo that needs to be hung, you can also stand framed photos on the shelf, so that you can display multiple pictures without adding an additional hole in the wall for each.

4. Display your hobbies.

If you have a hobby that requires large equipment, such as surfing or skiing, you can prop these items up along the wall. A snowboard or surfboard will not only fix the “blank wall” issue, but will showcase your hobbies as well.

If you have a specific item that you collect, such as hats or sneakers, you could display these items as well. Use hooks or shelves to arrange the best of your collection along the wall.

5. Hang a curtain.

Whether your curtain frames a particular work of art or object, or the curtain itself is the decoration, hanging a curtain is a great way to add a pop of color or a pattern to a blank wall. You can hang a pretty curtain from the ceiling, and tie it to the sides if you have something in the center of the wall (such as bookshelf, television, or mirror), or you can hang a curtain straight across. This works especially well for curtains made of beads, old records, or other unusual materials.

Source: via Homefix Corporation on Pinterest

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